tinylittlelovestories are a series of short stories, dumb-dumb. I mean: obviously. They are by Joel Golby and just hellaciously pretentious but jeez, they're only short. At least there's that.

The Question

"What is your favourite thing about me?" she asked, because she was a girl and she never got bored of that shit. "Is it my hair?"

"No," he said, stoic and grave. "No, not at all."

"What about my titties, or the fact that I have every season of Big Bang Theory on Blu-Ray and DVD?”

"No," he said, again. "No, not those either."

"Well what do you like about me, then?"

He thought for a minute. “I like the way you buy the name-brand bleach that looks like a duck’s head to have by the toilet,” he said. He eased out of bed. “Speaking of.”