tinylittlelovestories are a series of short stories, dumb-dumb. I mean: obviously. They are by Joel Golby and just hellaciously pretentious but jeez, they're only short. At least there's that.

The LDR, by Michael Lutz

They were in what the kids these days in their endless pursuit of brevity are calling an Ell Dee Arr and, as has been the case throughout human history, there were some problems with being in an Ell Dee Arr, mostly regarding the ratio of physical snuggles in bed to talking on the phone.  She and he were in fact at this moment talking on the phone, about how despite them liking each other a lot, this whole Ell Dee Arr thing was actually pretty difficult, and as you can imagine it wasn’t the cheeriest conversation.

"It’s hard," she said.  "It’s hard to make plans when we can only visit each other every four months.  It’s hard not knowing when I’ll get to see you again, and what the endpoint of this all is."

They were both lying on their respective beds, literally one thousand miles apart, because this is as close as you can get to snuggles when you are in an Ell Dee Arr.

"Well," he said, feeling optimistic.  "Well.  It’s kind of like – you know, it’s kind of like that line from Jurassic Park.”



She did not laugh at this joke.

"Oh, haha," he said, uneasily.  "I meant: Life finds a way.  That one.  It’s like that.”